Microsoft Scroogles Their Product Search

Bing Shopping is dead. Long live Bing Product Search! Much like what Google did last year with transforming Google Product Search into Google Shopping, Bing has transitioned to a paid advertisement model for product search.

Now you should be thinking “Didn’t Microsoft have an entire ad campaign saying how terrible that is?” and you would be correct. In fact here is a link to their marketing campaign slamming Google Shopping being a paid marketing channel.

Ok now that we’ve gotten past the hypocrisy, let’s discuss how this is not a bad thing for the online retailer. This change essentially gives you another version of Google PLAs. If Google PLAs work for you, then it stands to reason that Bing PLAs should also work for you. If you’re not in Google Shopping, you really owe it to your business to give it a try. A lot of people are making an insane amount of money in there.

You can get more details from the article link below about how Bing will present the product ads.

Link: Bing Says Goodbye To Bing Shopping, Hello Product Search With Rich Captions & Product Ads