I’m Taking The AdWords Certification Exam

A recent change in my job requires that I begin learning how AdWords works. Not only do I need to know how it works, but I need know the best practices for it so that I can do it well.

I have never really been a marketing person before, so it is going to be a challenge. However, I am always up for taking on a professional challenge, so I have decided to study up and take the AdWords certification exam. Technically it is three exams. The first one is the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, then I have to move on to the Search Advertising Advanced Exam and finally the Display Advertising Advanced Exam. I hope to complete this by the end of the year; this is an ambitious goal.

Since I am going on this journey, I thought it would be interesting it would be interesting if I blogged about it. That way I can share the information I am learning, but also, a quick reference guide for me.

I hope that someone out there will find the information useful.