PHP Function – str_replace

The str_replace function is used to replace part of a string with another string. The syntax of this PHP function is detailed below:

mixed str_replace( $search, $replace, $subject, $count );

$search – This can either be a string value or an array of strings. This will be the string or strings you want to be replaced.

$replace – This can either be a string or an array of strings. These will be the value that is replaced when one of the $search items are found.

$subject – The string that will be searched and have replacements placed inside of it.

$count (optional) – The maximum number of times a replace should occur.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to use this function. One of the ways that I use str_replace is when I need to remove line breaks from the a large string that you are working with. You would do that by doing the following:

$input = str_replace( "\n", '', $input );

You may have noticed that I used $input as the return variable and the string that is having the replace performed on it. This is a quirk that I use in order to not have to create extra variables and you cannot pass the $input to the function as reference.