The Need to Plan Part 1 – What Do You Want To Watch

If you are anything like me, you watch TV. A lot of TV. More than you care to admit to sometimes.

Because of all the shows that I watch, you tend to think “I can’t cut the cord! I’ll have nothing to watch!”. Well unless you are watching network that don’t know that the future is coming, you should be able to find most of your shows one way or another. This however does not mean that all your programs will jump up and say ”I’m here! Come and watch me!”. You’ll have to look around a little.
This is where it helps to have a spreadsheet. I put mine up in the cloud so that you can see exactly what I did. You can view it here. This spreadsheet is a little dated now, but you will get the idea. I took all the TV shows that my wife and I watch and I listed them out. I then looked around at 5 different internet services to see if they were available on there. The Yes/No column has a little bit of code behind it to show what was and was not available. This will let you know if you are even close to being able to cut the cord (legally).

This begs the question “Why not just bittorrent everything?”. Well first of all, it is illegal. These shows cost money to produce and they make money from the revenue from advertising to you while you watch the show or through licensing deals with services like Netflix or Hulu or when you purchase the show. Paying for the content you consume is important. If nobody makes money on TV shows, there will be no more TV shows (you can decide if that is a good or bad thing).

Okay, now that you know what you want to watch and where this content is available, we can figure out how you are going to watch your content. We’ll cover that in the new post.