The Ultimate PHP CSV Parser

Lately I have been trying to find cool PHP utilities that I can use to handle my day to day tasks. Lately parsing CSV files in PHP has been something I have had to do over and over again. Such a basic task can be such a pain considering all of the different formats that they can be in (mostly the quotes around some of the values). I would do find and replace on the file to remove all the extra stuff and hope that I did not corrupt the data.

There had to be a better way to do this. I did some searching and I found Ming Hong Ng’s CSV Parsing class. It worked perfectly. I have parsed a ton of CSV files with no problems at all. You can download this class from:

It is so simple to use too! Simply create an instance and call ParseFromFile or ParseFromString. The data is stored in the data instance variable. So simple!

This is something that should be apart of any PHP programmers toolkit.